a branding project

Fall 2015

ActionOhio is a battered women's shelter located in Columbus, Ohio. Like many non-profits, branding or visual aesthetic was at the bottom of the priority list for ActionOhio, which is why I decided to spend my semester creating a brand that helped the women, using these services, feel strong and confident as soon as they stepped through the door. 


First, came the development of a new visual mark – something that would represent the company in a simple way. I researched the current "competitors'" marks to get a sense of the look that already existed; many marks for battered women's shelters included imagery of houses and women. Though I thought it important to keep the image of a woman in the new mark, I wanted to deviate from the typical house imagery. I experimented with nature imagery, feminine forms, and feminine lines.

domestic violence statistics in new brand guidelines book

top 6 visual mark sketchces


Ultimately, the final mark evolved into a silhouette of a woman surrounded by a flame to represent the inner fire and passion within all women.


branding guide preview

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