an inspired side project

Work in Progress

While attending the 2016 HOW Design Live conference, I got the opportunity to see Pum Lefebure, of Design Army, speak about her work. I was so inspired by her go-getter attitude, and her story of making her own opportunities, that I decided to pursue a passion of mine: magazine design. 

I recruited my friends as models, planned their photoshoots, interviewed them, and designed the magazine. Though this is still a work in progress, I'm excited to be learning and creating with a project that I'm so inspired by. 


A large part of this project was storytelling through photos. I asked some of my closest friends to participate, and then art directed their photoshoot. When choosing locations, I considered the type of environment that would work with their personality and make them most comfortable.


Because none of my subjects were professional models, my job was a little more difficult. I helped direct them into poses and moved around them to find the best lighting. All of the photoshoots were outside making it impossible to control the lighting, which was a good challenge for me. Through this part of the project I learned how to make my models more comfortable, often giving suggestions for positioning, telling jokes, or bringing props for them to pose with. 

first sketch in my sketchbook for this project


photos from the photoshoots I directed

current draft


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