a study on middle school girls

I began with a desire to address the issue of low self-esteem in middle school-aged girls. Through initial discussions with friends, I learned that many of my female friends, as well as myself, still carry some of the same insecurities we developed in middle school. It became my mission to create a solution for this ever-growing issue. After a semester of research and ideation, my senior thesis evolved into a two-part system that connects girls to their networks and engages them in active self-understanding and confidence-boosting.


The need for a confidence-building system that better addresses the issues possessed by middle school girls evolved into CoCo: a two part system for girls and their female networks that uses their strengths to connect them to their celebrity role models, which will allow them to engage in activities of self-reflection and empowerment 

as a form of confidence-boosting. 


Part 1 is the Launch Party. The Launch Party creates a venue for girls to connect, and build trust, with their network. Their CoCo network can be comprised of any female-identifying group; from Girl Scouts to their soccer team!  


At the Launch Party, users take StrengthsQuest (a personality assessment to determine their top 5 strengths) and bond with their network before heading over to the CoCo website.


The rest of the action happens on the CoCo website! Users sign in to their customized profile to see their network of friends and celebrity role models. CoCo is a blogging website, so girls can read their friends’ posts, or write their own about their hobbies, thoughts, or feelings.


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